List of Participants 2021
A bedrock of technology demos, the expo is the biggest technology B2B exhibition, and a leading platform for bringing together the Industry, Government, Academia, and other mobile and telecom ecosystem players, to discuss and display the latest in the mobile tech world.
Name Country Hall Booth
*astTECS India A4 A4.156
83Incs Softech Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.6
A & T Video Networks Pvt.Ltd India A4 A4.102
Aadharshila Mobility Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (BLUPRINT) India A4 A4.29
AAEON Technology Taiwan A4 A4.110
Aavishakar India A4 A4.501 
Abhipriya India A4 A4.490
ACE Update(I-Tec Media Pvt Ltd) India A4
Acer India Pvt Ltd Taiwan A4 A4.110
Acon Optics Communications Inc. Taiwan A4 A4.110
Acuteq Instruments Inc China A4 A4.444
ADATA Taiwan A4 A4.110
ADI-Media -Communications Today & Broadcast & CableSat India A4 A4.406
Advance Intelligence Technology India Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.21
AEye SoftLabs Private Limited India A4 P23
Africa Business Development Association Africa A4
Africabizdirectory UAE A4
AIFA Technology Corp. Taiwan A4 A4.110
AiKaan Labs Pvt. Ltd. India A4 P16
Airpath Wirelessnet Solutions India A4 A4.165
AKOM Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.206
ALi Corporation India A4 A4.78
All India Aavishkar Dish Antenna Sangh India A4
All India Association for Industries India A4
All India Electronics Association India A4
Amrita TBI   India A4
Angel Bird Austria A4 A4.254
Anhui Tianji Information Technology Co.,Ltd China A4
Anritsu Company USA A4 A4.86
Anritsu Corporaiton Japan A4 A4.86
Anritsu India Private Limited India A4 A4.86
ANTMYERP India A4 A4.158
Antriksh Digital Solution (Gospell) India A4 A4.255
Antriksh Technosys Pvt Ltd India A4 A4.91
Apantac USA A4 A4.272
APAT Optoelectronics Components Co., Ltd. China A4 A4.243
AppTweak SA Belgium A4 A4.173
APT Prosper Technology Co.,Ltd China A4
Aquadax South Asia Private Limited Opc India A4 A4.302
Argosy Research Inc. Taiwan A4 A4.376
Arihant Corporation India A4 A4.307
Asia Briefing(Dezan Shira & Associates) Hong Kong A4
Asia Cloud Computing Association Singapore A4
Asia Electronic Industry (AEI) (Dempa Publications) Japan A4
Asia Pacific Satellite Communications Council Korea A4
Asia Securities Industry & Financial Markets Association (ASIFMA) Hong Kong A4
Asia Today UK A4
Asia Video Industry Association Hong Kong A4
Asian NGO Hong Kong A4 India A4
Association of Information Security Professionals (AiSP) Singapore A4
Association of System Integrators & Retailers in Technology India A4
Astral Poly Technik Ltd India A4 A4.288
A-Tech System Co.Ltd Taiwan A4 A4.110
ATI Electronics India Pvt Ltd India A4 A4.190
Atomos USA A4 A4.254
Augmented Reality for Alliance (AREA) USA A4
Aurangabad Smart City Ltd. India A4 A4.333
Automation Connect India A4
AutoX India A4 A4.244
AV Matrix China A4 A4.254
Avantari Technologies Private Limited India A4 A4.3
Aveco Czech Republic A4 A4.272
AVer Information Inc. Taiwan A4 A4.110
Avision Taiwan A4 A4.110
AVIWEST France A4 A4.272
AVL Technologies USA A4 A4.268
B A Solutionsindia Pvt Ltd India A4 P17
B International T/A Oasis Ireland A4 A4.32
B.R.Green Industries Pvt.Ltd. India A4 A4.325
B2B Purchase (I-Tec Media Pvt Ltd) India A4
Baroda IT Association India A4
Beijing Grish Hitech Co., Ltd China A4
Beijing Novel Super Digital Tv Technology Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.52
Beldara India A4
BenQ Taiwan A4 A4.110
Berex Corporation Korea A4 A4.84
Berg Insight Sweden A4
Best Services India A4 A4.177
Bharat Broadband Network Limited India A4 A4.210
Bharati Fire Engineers India A4 A4.285
Bhopal Smart City Ltd. India A4 A4.346
Big Data Made Simple India A4
BirdDog Australia A4 A4.254
BIS Infotech India A4 A4.392
Bitmovin Austria A4 A4.77
Bluei Store Pvt Ltd India A4 A4.186
Blurev Industries India A4 A4.4
Brainamaze India A4
Broadband Forum USA A4
Broadband India Forum India A4
Broadcast & CableSat India A4
Bugseng Germany A4 A4.320
Bundesverband Deutsche Startups e.V India A4
Bus Coach India India A4 A4.296
Cable Operators Federation of India (COFI) India A4
Cable Quest India A4
CAIA Association Hong Kong A4
CALIOPE Broadcast Software Netherlands A4 A4.470
Campbell Scientific India Private Limited India A4 A4 342A
Canare Japan A4 A4.272
Cargo Connections UK A4
Caviar Technologies India A4 A4.183
CDM Technologies and Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.254
Cellular  Operators Association of India (COAI) India A4
Cellway India China A4 A4.178 India A4
Cheerlux Shenzhen Electornic Technology Co., Ltd China A4
Chengdu Bolein Technology Co., Ltd. China A4
Chengdu Datang Communication Cable Co.,Ltd China A4
Chengdu KT Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. China A4
Chengdu XingXingRong Communication Technology Co.,Ltd China A4
Cimcon Software India Pvt Ltd India A4 A4.303
CIO Review India  India A4
Circuit Cellar USA A4
Cixi YaXun Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. China A4 P5
Climate Samurai India A4
Cloud Infotech Pvt Ltd India A4 A4.395
CMAI Association of India India A4 A4.424 
Coinsflare USA A4
Cointelegraph USA A4
Cold Chain Management India A4
CommScope USA A4 A4.239
Commscope Switzerland A4 A4.268
Comnet & GITEX India A4 A4.502
Comp Point Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd. India A4 P25
Computer Society of Srilanka Sri Lanka A4
Construction & Architecture Update India A4
Construction Mirror India A4 A4.505
Construction World (ASAPP) India A4 A4.405
Convergence Plus India A4
CoreIoT Technologies Ltd. India A4 P14
CP Enterprises India A4 A4.388
CPI Satcom Products USA A4
CPO Innovation India A4
Credgenics India A4 P19
CryptoNewsZ India A4
Cue Script UK A4 A4.272
CXO TV News India A4
CXOToday India A4
CXOVoice India A4
Cyber Cafe Association of India-CCAOI India A4
Cyber Defence USA A4
Cyber Power Systems, Inc. Taiwan A4 A4.110
D&R Electronica BV Netherlands A4 A4.470
Daosheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd China A4
Datavert Communictions Pvt Ltd. India A4 A4.322
Datavideo Taiwan A4 A4.272
DCNet Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.220
DE-CIX Interwire Internet Services Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.451
Deepija Telecom Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.160
Delhi Mobile Traders Association India A4
Department of IT (Govt of Bihar) India A4 A4.83
Department of Science & Technology (Ministry of Science & Technology) India A4 A4.398
Dev Systemtechnik Germany A4 A4.268
Developing Telecom UK A4
Dexing China A4 A4.249
Dialtronics Systems Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.161
Dibwas Websoft Technologies LLP India A4 P10
DIGI International Inc USA A4 A4.322
Digital Edge Magazine India A4
Digital Terminal India A4
Digital User Group India A4 A4.377
Directorate of Industries Jharkhand India A4 A4.310
D-Link. Taiwan A4 A4.110
Dongguan Mentech Optical & Magnetic Co., Ltd.,      China A4
Dosatron International India A4 A4.283 UAE A4
Ecosage Innovative LLP India A4 A4.19
EFY Magazine India A4
ELCINA - Electronic Industries Association of India India A4 A4.318
Elecorev Inc USA A4 A4.4
Elecorev Ramway India Pvt Ltd India A4 A4.4
Electrical & Power Info India A4
Electrical Interior India A4
Electro Bits (Digi Electro Media) India A4 A4.403
Electronic Maker India A4  A4.443
Electronic Sector Skills Council of India India A4 A4.386
Electronics Media (Digi Electro Media) India A4
EMAM USA A4 A4.272
Embien Technologies India Pvt Ltd India A4 A4.321
EMobility+(FirstView Group) India A4
Emvirt IoT Edge Solutions India A4 P11
Energetica India A4
Environmental Technology Inc USA A4 A4.268
EQ International India A4  A4.401
Equipment India (ASAPP) India A4
ESCENE Communicaiton Co. Ltd China A4
European Business and Technology Centre India A4
European Telecommunications Standards Institute -ETSI France A4
Events For Gamers USA A4
EXFO Canada A4 A4.249
Export Hub USA A4
Extreme Labs India Pvt Ltd India A4 A4.130
Faridabad Smart City Limited India A4 A4.343
Federation of Information Technology of Gujarat India A4
Fiberfox India Private Limited India A4 A4.93
Fibergate Solutions Pte. Limited Singapore A4 A4.470
Fintech Association of Hongkong Hong Kong A4
Fintech Galaxy UAE A4
Flexiguide Ltd UK A4 A4.268
Four Square Media Pvt Ltd India A4 A4.508 
Freightbook UK A4
Frontier Trading Company India A4 A4.159
Fujifilm Singapore A4 A4.272
Fujikura Japan A4 A4.249
Ganpati Electronics India A4 A4.463
GESIA IT Association India A4
Global India Business Forum(GIBF) India A4
Global VSAT Forum UK A4
Global Water Intelligence UK A4
godrej India A4 A4.474
Good Will Instrument Co., Ltd. Taiwan A4 A4.110
GOSPELL China A4 A4.249
Gospell Digital Technology Co. Ltd. China A4 A4.255
Grandstream Network Inc. USA A4 A4.395
Greatasthan India A4 P13
Green Dream Foundation
Green Waves Environmental Solutions India A4 A4.301
Groupe Cahors India A4 P21
G-Technology USA A4 A4.254
Guangdong Huajiayu Technology Co.,Ltd China A4
Guangdong Shenglu Telecommunication Tech. Co., Ltd China A4
Gujarat Informatics Limited (GIL) India A4 A4.45
GX India Pvt Ltd India A4 A4.103
Hangzhou Fctel Technology Co.,Ltd China A4
Hangzhou Hanchao Technology Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.433
Hangzhou Putianle Cable Co.,Ltd China A4
Hardware Depo India A4 A4.308
Hare Krsna Content Broadcast Pvt Ltd India A4 P8
Harmonic USA A4 A4.272
Harsh Future Communications India A4 A4.140
HDV Phoelectron Technology China A4 A4.447
Henry Engineering Canada A4 A4.470
HiSilicon (Shanghai) Technologies Co.LTD China A4
Hitachi Japan A4 A4.272
HoduSoft Pvt. Ltd India A4 A4.154
HomeGrid Forum USA A4
Hongan Group Co.,Ltd China A4
Housing Board Haryana India A4 A4.341 India A4
Huangshan Optoray Communication Corp., Ltd. China A4
Huaptec Telecom India Private Ltd India A4 A4.337
Huawei China A4 A4.122
Huawei China A4 A4.395
Hubei Lucentfiber Optoelectronics Co., Ltd China A4
Hyundai India A4 A4.37
IBI Group India Pvt Ltd India A4 A4.18
IIIOT Infotech Pvt Ltd India A4 P26
IIOT Connection USA A4
Ilsintech Trading India Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.465
Incubation Centre IIT Patna India A4 A4.469
India Africa Youth Energy Forum India A4
India Cellular & Electronics Association(Indian Cellular Association) India A4
India Smart Grid Forum (ISGF) India A4
India Water Partnership India A4
Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Ltd. (IREDA) India A4 A4.1A
Indian Transport & Logistics News India A4 India A4
Industrial Product Finder India A4
Industrial Waste Management Association
Infotech Software Dealers Association India A4
Infrastructure Today magazine (ASAPP) India A4
Ingenious Techzoid India A4 P12
ingnitnet USA A4 A4.474
INNO Instrument Inc. Korea A4 A4.224
Inno Instrument India Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.224
Innotech Advance Machines Private Limited India A4 A4.123
Innovative Infratech Solutions Pvt Ltd India A4 A4.507
International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID) India A4
Intertrust Technologies Corporation USA A4 A4.378
Invoid India A4 A4.22
Inxee Systems Private Limited India A4 A4.31
IoT Council Belgium A4
IoT Global Network UK A4
IOT Mentor LLP India A4 A.65
IoT Now UK A4
IPACCT Telecom Pvt.Ltd. India A4 A4.192
IPC India India A4
Iris Global Service Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.239
ITF CO. LTD Korea A4 A4.84
ITI LTD India A4 A4.9
ITU-APT foundation of India   India A4
Jaymit Security Systems Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.468
Jaze Networks Pvt Ltd India A4 A4.452
Jiangsu Etern Company Litmited China A4 A4.429
Jiangsu Huacan Telecommunications Group Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.434
Jiangsu XDT International Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.441
Jiangsu Yinhe Electronics Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.264
Jiangsu Youxinxi Semiconductor Limited China A4 A4.445
Jiangxi Huahao New Energy Co., Ltd India A4 A4.185
Jiangxi Shanshui Optoelectronic Technology Co.,ltd China A4
Jinhua Guanyang Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd China A4
JRS Global Networks P Ltd India A4 A4.95
Jupiter Systems India A4 A4.456
Jupitice Justice Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India A4 P18
Kaltura Inc USA A4
Kangyin International Pty Ltd India A4 A4.486
Karthavya Technologies India A4 A4.272
Keman Optical India Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.201
Kiloview China A4 A4.254
KL Traders LLP India A4 A4.174
KMTS Engineering Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.81
KPMG India A4 A4.509
Lantronix, Inc. India A4 A4.8
LDRA India India A4 A4.14
LeadSquared India A4 A4.329
Lepu Medical Technologies India A4 A4.5
LG Electronics India Pvt Ltd India A4 A4.106
Liaoning Youopto Technology Co.,Ltd China A4
Libec Taiwan A4 A4.272
LIGMAN India A4 A4.312
Live U Taiwan A4 A4.254
Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Ltd India A4 A4.23
Mac Printing Solutions India A4 A4.498
Made-in-China China A4
Magna Telemotive Germany A4 A4.320
Magtronic Devices Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.227
Maktar Inc. India A4 A4.110
Masterclock United States A4 A4.272
Matrix Comsec Private Limited India A4 A4.157
M-Core industries Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.144
MediaTek Inc Taiwan A4
Melody Innovations Private Limited India A4 A4.7
Menlopark Technologies Private Limited India A4 A4.320
Mercom India India A4
Merlia China A4 A4.464
Metro Electronics Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.82
Metro Rail News(Symbroj Media Publication) India A4  A4.244
MIMOSA Networks USA A4 A4.470
Mobile Dealers Association Of Ahmedabad India A4
Mobility India A4  A4.474
Mobilk Jordan A4
MOBOTIX Germany A4 A4.474
MOBtexting India A4 A4.454
MOSO Power Supply Technology Co., Ltd. China A4
mPHATEK Systems Pvt. Ltd. India A4 P20
MSC Software Corporation India Private Limited India A4
MTI Materials Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.184
M-U-T AUSTRIA Austria A4 A4.328
Mutelcor GmbH Germany A4 P17
My Mobile India A4  A4.455
Myra Digital (India) Private Limited India A4 A4.495
Nanjing Fiberlink Communication Technology Co., Ltd. China A4 A4.68
Nanjing Rapcare Telecommunication Equipment Co Ltd. China A4 A4.196
Nantong Guangyi Communication Equipment Co.,Ltd China A4
Napino Auto And Electronics Limited India A4 A4.331
National Internet Exchange of India India A4 A4.206
National Mission for Clean Ganga India A4 A4.352
National Solar Energy Federation of India India A4
NCH Software, Inc. USA A4 A4.470
NCN India A4
Neoway Technology Co.,Ltd. China A4
Net Protector AntiVirus India A4 A4.150
Netro Networks Pvt Ltd India A4 A4.122
News Broadcasters Federation India A4
NewsVoir India A4
NewTek USA A4 A4.254
Nikita Distributors India A4 A4.487
Nimble Vision Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.300
NingBo Cibo Communication Technology Co.,Ltd China A4
Ningbo Sunpu Led Co., Ltd. China A4
Ningbo YIPU Communication Equipment Technology Co.Ltd China A4
Norsat International Inc Canada A4 A4.268
Novac Technology Solutions India A4 A4.26
Novella Satcoms, Ltd UK A4 A4.268
Novitronik Systemtechnik Gmbh Germany A4 A4.268
NTPC LIMITED India A4 A4.347
Octopus Czech Republic A4 A4.272
OEM Updates (I-Tec Media Pvt Ltd) India A4
oneM2M France A4
Opconn Communication Technology Co., Ltd. China A4
Opterna Technologies Pvt.Ltd. India A4 A4.255
Optilink Networks Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.147
Optimum Viking Satcom (India) Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.268
Optinuva Technologies Pvt Ltd India A4 A4.457
Optoma Taiwan A4 A4.110
Orient Cables (India) Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.98
Original Products Pvt Ltd India A4 A4.141
OWC Digital USA A4 A4.254
OYSTRA India A4 A4.305
Panamax Infotech Limited India A4 A4.26
Panasonic India A4 A4.272
Panelstack, Inc. India A4 P22
Paramount Products India A4 A4.170
PermAlert Leak Detection System UAE A4
Piaggio Vehicles Pvt Limited India A4 A4.340
Pinmicro India Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.321
Planetcast Media Services Limited India A4 A4.271
PLS Germany A4 A4.320
Plustek Inc. Taiwan A4 A4.110
Power China expo India A4
PPC Broadband Inc. India A4 A4.258
Pranav Enterprises India A4 A4.100
Pratikshat Solutions LLP India A4 A4.15
Project Cargo Network UK A4
Qualifyde INC India A4 A4.306
Quantum USA A4 A4.272
Quectel China A4 A4.315
Raamtel Solutions India A4 A4.84
Rail Analysis India A4  A4.248
Railwire (Multilink Computers Private Limited) India A4 A4.250
Raisecom Technology Co., Ltd China A4 A4.432
Rashmi Rare Earth Ltd. India A4 A4.319
Razorcat Development GmbH Germany A4 A4.320
Rectus India India A4 A4.470
Renag Systems India A4 A4.176
Renewable Mirror India A4 A4.505
Restart Solar India A4
Revo Infratech USA Ltd India A4 A4.251
RF Plus Communications Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.384
Rice Ear Ltd. Taiwan A4 A4.110
Riedel Germany A4 A4.272
Robinville Environment and Ropeways Technology Pvt. LTd India A4 A4.328
Ross Video Canada A4 A4.272
RR Industries India A4 A4.128
Ruanmi Technology Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.462
Rudraksha Technology Private Limited India A4 A4.374
Sahasra Electronics Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.151
Salieabs Electronics Engineers LLP India A4 A4.317
Samriddhi Automations Private Limited India A4 A4.239
Sangoma Technologies Pvt Ltd Canada A4 A4.239
Saranyu Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.385
SARC Projects Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.459
SatCom Industry Association India A4
Satellite@internetindia India A4  A4.511
Saur Energy India A4
Sawach Lighting Pvt Ltd India A4 A4.312
Schnell Energy Equipments Private Limited India A4 A4.342
Security Link India India A4 A4.461
Sensara Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.252
Serverwala Cloud Data Centers Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.373
Servotech Power Systems Limited India A4 A4.450
Settlemint India Services Private Limited India A4 A4.24
Shakti Keypads Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.175
Shanghai BAOSH Communications Equipment Co., Ltd China A4
Shanghai Honghui Optics Communication Tech Corp. China A4
Sheetal Enterprises India A4 A4.153
Sheetal Wireless Tech. Pvt. Ltd. India A4 POD
Shenzhen Aoolif Technology Co.,Ltd. China A4 P3
Shenzhen Bestwheats E-commerce Co., Ltd. China A4
Shenzhen C-Data Technology Co.,Ltd China A4 A4.256
Shenzhen CYX Tech Co., Ltd. China A4
Shenzhen Daerxin Technology Co, Ltd. China A4 P7
Shenzhen Datang Computer Co. Ltd. China A4
Shenzhen FH-NET Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd China A4
Shenzhen FLX Optico Communication Co.,Ltd China A4
Shenzhen Hanxin Hardware Mold Co.,Ltd China A4
Shenzhen HS Fiber Communication Equipment Company China A4
Shenzhen Maxtang Computer Co. Ltd. China A4
Shenzhen Opticking Technology Co.,Ltd China A4
Shenzhen Photon Broadband Co.,Ltd India A4 A4.87
Shenzhen Torch Telecom Technology Co.,Ltd China A4
Shenzhen Zhibotong Electronics Co., Ltd China A4
Shivam Electronics India A4 A4.167
Sichuan Jianghong Cable Manufacture Co.,Ltd China A4
Sichuan Jinwangtong Electronic Science And Technology Co.,Ltd China A4
Sihong Weichuang Optics CO.,LTD China A4 A4.423
Silicon India India A4
Silizon Technologies LLP India A4 A4.390
Sindi Technologies Co.,Ltd China A4 P1
Skill Council for Green Jobs (SCGJ) India A4
Smart Insights France A4
Smart Water & Waste World India A4
SMT India India A4
Software Technology Parks of India India A4 A4.166
Solapur City Development Corporation Ltd India A4 A4.336
Solar PV World Expo 2020  China A4
Solar Quarter(FirstView Group) India A4 A4.402
Solar Thermal Federation of India India A4
SolarCleano Sarl Luxembourg A4 A4.327
SolidWasteIndia  India A4
Soonwell China A4 A4.254 UK A4
South Asian Wireless Communication UK A4
SpaceBridge Canada A4 A4.79
Spinks India India A4 A4.478
Sri Vari Network Pvt Ltd India A4 A4.127
ST Engineering iDirect USA A4
Star Spectrum Security Pvt. Ltd. India A4 P24
State Bank of India India A4 A4.28
State of Affairs India A4
Statista Germany A4
Stel Fiber Electronics India Private Limited India A4 A4.246
Stimul8 Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.335
Streann Media India A4 A4.278
Sunshine Digitronics Pvt Ltd India A4 A4.216
Sunshine TeleLink India A4 A4.483
Suzhou Alton Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd. China A4 A4.143
Suzhou Switek Electronics&Technology Co.,Ltd. China A4
Suzhou Volsun Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd China A4 P2
Swedish Microwave AB Sweden A4 A4.268
Synergy Machine Tools India A4 A4.485
Synology Inc. Taiwan A4 A4.110
Syrotech Networks Pvt Ltd India A4 A4. 229
TAITRA India A4 A4.110
Taiwan Product Center India A4 A4.110
Tally Education Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.20
Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.20
Tasking Germany A4 A4.320
Taypro Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.1C
TCBU Magazine (I-Tec Media Pvt Ltd) India A4
Tealorca Web Agency Pvt Ltd India A4 A4.317
TechBridge Consultancy Services LLP India A4 A4.142
TechGig India A4
Techmezine(All About Electronics) India A4
Technica Engineering Germany A4 A4.320
TechScooper India A4 P15
TelcoProfessional France A4 India A4
Telecom Equipment Manufacturer Association India A4 A4.424 
Telecom Era India A4
Telecom Sector Skill Council India A4 A4.166A
Telecom Watch India A4
Telture Solutions Private Limited India A4 A4.137
Terrasat Communications inc USA A4 A4.268
The Association for Borderless Renewables Germany A4
Thermaltake Technology Taiwan A4 A4.110
Time Technoplast Ltd India A4 A4. 338
TimesTech India A4  A4.460
Tokuyo Biotech Co., Ltd. Taiwan A4 A4.110
TomTom India Pvt Ltd India A4
Trade Association of Information Technology(TAIT) India A4
Trade4india India A4  A4.404
Tradekey USA A4
Transight Systems Pvt. Ltd. India A4 P9
Truck Suvidha India A4
Turkeybuild Istanbul Turkey A4
Ubiquiti Inc. USA A4 A4.470
UCLSwift Co., Ltd Korea A4 A4.465
UFO Frieght UK A4
Uma Impact Pvt. Ltd. India A4 A4.491
United for Hope India A4
Uniway Infocom India A4 A4.249
Urban Transport News India A4
Urja Daily(Timestech) India A4
Urja Gasifiers Private Limited India A4 A4.499
Vadodara Startup Studio India A4
viavi USA A4 A4.249
Viewway Solutions Pvt. Ltd India A4 A4.372
VIking Satcom LLC USA A4 A4.268
Vishal Pipes Ltd India A4 A4.325
Visual Technologies India Private Limited India A4 A4.272
VoIC Networks Pvt Ltd India A4 A4.133
Voip Horizon Tech Solutions India A4 A4.168
VueNow Infotech Private Limited India A4 A4.318
Water Digest India A4
Websoft Iot LLP India A4 P10
Wellav|Sencore China A4
Western Digital Corporation India A4 A4.89
Whale Enterprise Pvt Ltd India A4 A4.506
Whale Tankers UK A4 A4.506
Wi-Bro Solutions Private Limited India A4 A4.120
WiMAX Forum USA A4
Wind Insider(FirstView Group) India A4
Wintec Co., Ltd Taiwan A4 P6
Wire19 India A4
World Teleport Association USA A4
Xena-Networks Germany A4 A4.320
Xiamen Four-Faith Communication Technology Co.,Ltd. China A4
Xi'an Putian Antenna Co., Ltd China A4
Xsolla Russia A4
Yash Retail And Service India A4 A4.245
Yoostar Technology Co., Limited China A4
YTL Manufacturing Private Limited India A4 A4.477
Yuhuan Cnc Machine Tools Co. Ltd. China A4 A4.485
Z-Com Taiwan A4 A4.122
Zycoo Co.,Ltd China A4
Zyxel Technology India Pvt Ltd India A4 A4.110
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